Place back the print head unit andor cartridges, plug back in the printer, and try to print a test page.

When the Print Head Cleaning dialog box opens, select the ink group for which Cleaning is to be performed. 1 is available for EOS C70.

Open the Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool.


1 is available for EOS C70. Replace the cartridge and print a test page. Pop the cartridge back into the printer and close the access panel.


1. Click Cleaning on the Maintenance tab. comcanon-print-head-cleaning-kit.

Oct 25, 2022 4. May 23, 2023 Hello, If you are getting a jam message when using the ADF, you can try cleaning the ADF using the steps in the link HERE.

Click Cleaning on the Maintenance tab.

Clean the Print Head if lines are missing or if horizontal white streaks are present in the printed nozzle check pattern.

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Please click HERE for the steps. .

Cleaning the print head consumes ink, so clean the print head only when necessary.
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franfritz on most Canon printer you start by opening the lid on your printer.

Since there is no paper jam and the roller cleaning did not resolve the issue, the printer would need to be replaced.

. Open the printer driver setup window. .

. Click the Deep Cleaning icon. . Do this until the water runs clear. .

If it does not match, try a deep cleaning.

Turn OFF the power switch, and then disconnect the power cord. How to clean Canon Printers.




After you take the cartridge out of the bowl, wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

Let the ink or toner cartridge slide completely out of the way.