Personally, the main reason I tinted.

Is Xpel XR Plus better then Llumar FormulaOne Stratos Tint Man Window Tinting Inc compares sample books.

DG-X5 January 13, 2022, 548pm 21. .

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LLUMAR is Suntek.

Because somewhat restraint with the budget and want to go for the best bang for the buck tint. . Comparing Clear Ceramic Window Films.

FormulaOne Stratos 70, Llumar Air Blue 80, Xpel XR 70, Xpel.

Xpel prime xr plus and llumar stratos are both high-quality window films, but xpel prime xr plus is known for its superior heat rejection and clarity compared to llumar stratos. . The below example is currently sporting 35 XPEL Prime XR frontssunroof.

The XPEL XR Prime has a maximum infrared reflection rate of 96. .

This product is designed to protect you from harmful UV rays, and other types of damage.


Aug 27, 2019 Guest SlvrDragon50. >.

At first I thought it was between 3m crystalline and Xpel. co.

This product is designed to protect you from harmful UV rays, and other types of damage.
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PRIME XR PLUS - VLT 5, 15, 20, 30, 35, 45, 55.


I've been terribly busy with my own work, but i finally got my head cleared to do the very best window film review i could about Xpel XR Plus ceramic window. . .

It blocks 98 infrared. . . Jan 5, 2022 I am looking at 3M crystalline or XPEL Prime XR. they are all good films that will last for years but to answer your original question xpel and global might be made by the same manufacturer but are NOT THE SAME FILM. .

Same company different "branding".

For many, the peace of mind alone in choosing XPEL Prime XR Plus over 3M Crystalline window film is worth the price. Oct 14, 2018 Cant speak for the llumar.


However, I am struggling to really understand real world differences in heat rejection.



XPEL Ultimate and LLumar PlatinumSunTek Ultra are warrantied for 10 years after installation.