I also have a leak under the pumpkin.


if in full time,it can be driven all the time even on dry roads. 3.

Changing this fluid is childs play.

the tire pressures aren&39;t exactly the same and the surface is not really flat resulting in different frictional resistance.

Driving full time will damage the transfer case. If theres something wrong with them, youll hear a squealing sound when switching from 2WD to 4WD. .


1) Insufficient or incorrect lubricant 1) Drain and refill transfer case with the correct type and quantity of lubricant. I have a 97 Dodge Ram 1500. Feb 27, 2017 2.

If the noise changes with speed, you most likely have a bad transfer case. Nov 29, 2009 there are 2 systems.

What happens to vehicle when it occurs.


- shifting from Drive to Reverse. .

2. Changing this fluid is childs play.


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Feb 27, 2017 2.

2. The seal that keeps fluid inside the transfer case and thus the transmission is vital for the smooth operation. .

Sep 19, 2022 Strange grinding, growling or humming noise. I also have a leak under the pumpkin. One common problem is a bad bearing, which can cause a grinding noise. While you have it apart check the chain and gears. F150 Transfer Case Noise in 2Wd.

The full time is really an all wheel drive system.

The shop foreman duplcated the noise and said it was from the transfer case and it was "gear backlash" and it was common to the X3 and not a defect so there was no fix. I even changed the transfer case.

In this case, it could be a grinding noise when driving, a growling, or a humming sound.

Please provide any additional information.

NP242 noise with transfer case in 2 wheel drive.

In this video we show how to fix a mysterious clunk noise that was only apparent when driven on this Chevy Silverado.

Also, when driving in the same range of 0-15 mph, the noise will stop when switching into 4WD.